Baliscate Chapel
Mull Museum have supported a number of archaeological projects on the island, including Baliscate Chapel, on the southern edge of Tobermory,  excavated by Channel 4 Time Team programme in 2010 where evidence of an early Christian settlement was found.
The Museum secured the funding for the further excavations at the Baliscate Chapel site from Heritage Lottery, Argyll and the Islands LEADER and the Hunter Trust.  
The Archaeological Project was carried out by Clare Ellis of Argyll Archaeology and her team on the 18th August 2012 for 28 days, they were assisted by "volunteer archaeologists " from the local community.
Members of the committee co-ordinated the dig and supervised the school tours, the volunteers, the evening talk and open day for visitors as well as actually digging on site.
A display of the finds are on show in the museum from both excavations.